iPhone 7, 7plus, 6/6s, 6plus, 5/5s ' Summer flowers' pressed flower caseπŸƒπŸŒΈπŸƒ

A really pretty handmade pressed flower phone case for the iPhone 7, 7 plus, 6 and 6 plus These are silicone cases ,they give excellent protection for the phone πŸƒπŸŒΈ As with all our cases they are made with real flowers so although the same patten they do vary slightlyπŸƒ I have a few that have slightly more mauve flowers ,message me if you have a preference 🌸 The iPhone 5/5s the pink flowers are slightly a lighter pink πŸƒ I have a the 6 and 6 plus in a hard case as well ,the option is there πŸƒπŸŒΈπŸƒ
10.99 GBP